AMBuddy is appointment management system , you can manage here your any type service appointments, we providing here web application portal to view your appointments, you can manage those and remark it. you can manage your users who will be register they self from mobile app and the can login through mobile and post their appointments, they can see history of they appointments, push notification are there implements in mobile app. From web portal you can can send notification as broadcast to all users many more features are there.

Features Of Application

-Login ,Register,
Forgot Password, Menus ,Menu access,
User authentications with jwt token,
Multilingual in 2 language, smart grids ,
Dashboard, charts and widgets,
application setting ,other settings SMTP,
exports options in pdf viewer,
new transactions count line chart etc.

Web Portal Demo: Click here to see demo url

Multilingual= English, Arabic

Modules are below

-Dashboard (UI charts, counts and sum of account, debit credit detail of particular account)
-Mange your appointments as per service
-Create Multiple services
-Manage Users and roles
-Manage User device token
-Send broadcast massage to all active users
-Check appointment and give remarks to it
-Time availability
-In mobile app you can register and login
-Check your appointments and book new appointment
-Manage your language its multilingual mobile app and web portal also.
-Native apps develop with xamarin forms

System Requirement.

  1. Windows Server or Windows Based Hosting
  2. IIS7 OR +
  3. .Net Core 2.2 Should be Installed
  4. MS Sql Server 2008 or above version

Installation on Hosting
:Unzip Solution
:Upload published application to your hosting domain or iis
:Create database in your hosting and run the given sql script
:Change Connection string of database in appsetting.json file

:Run It 

Installation on Localhost
:Unzip Solution
:Install Visual Studio 2019 or whatever latest version
:Open project in visual studio and change connection string in appsetting.json
:Create database in your hosting and run the given sql script
:Run It 

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