Want to know more about animals? Let’s introduce our new animal lover App with different numbers of wild species. In animal lover you can get almost 480+ animal details with their images and videos. Here you can find animals according to their class name and share their images and videos with your friends.
Let’s take a look all features that we include in animal lover.


Wild species introduced us with the variations of nature, right? And getting all animal at a glance is easier to search on your desire animal. Okay, to feel that variations we listed almost all animal species in animal lover for you.


It’s easy to get animals by their class name, isn’t it? In animal lover we include almost 20+ animal classes with beautiful icons that describes what kind of species relies on that specific class.


Want to know more about those cute guinea pig that used in scientific experiment and don’t get enough resources? Don’t worry. Animal lover has done this easy for you to get the visual location through location map image. Having knowledge about each and every animal is not enough to know only the animal details without knowing their habitation. In this feature you can actually get about what animal group located in which corner of the world with marked color.


Only image and description can’t remove your thirst, right? For your thirsty mind animal lover include YouTube video for each and every animal. By watching video you can get more facts of your favorite animal.


Great news for pet lovers!! Animal lover contains with your favorite pets such as cat, dogs, lizards and so on. You can set your beloved animal as favorite in animal lover and find them easily when you want and you need not to scroll down all over the animal list, isn’t it amazing?


The more you spread your knowledge the more you increase your knowledge, do you believe that fact? For sharing your knowledge with your family and friends we use share options in animal lover. Share those amazing species with image, descriptions and video link and enrich your learning about animal diversity.


You learn many things about shark, camels, deer and those cute cats but can’t memorize anything. Don’t worry dear animal lover comes with each and every animal facts including their classification, conservation status, food , preys, predators, features, fun fact and much more.

Report Bug

Last but not least. Let help the developer to make your favorite animal lover app bug free and to add more information about animals. Here we use bug reporting feature for you and we appreciate your efforts to make animal lover bug free.


Here android needs few permissions for accessing your favorite animal lover.

INTERNET PERMISSION : Without internet permission you can’t watch your cute little puppies, kitten’s photos and videos. So animal lover needs to access the internet.

READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE PERMISSION : Want to load once and use it again and again? Okay animal lover needs to save the loaded data inside your device. That’s why it needs to read external storage.

WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE PERMISSION : Data saved inside the device but not displaying? App needs to write those data from the storage so animal lover needs to write external storage permission.

ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE PERMISSION : YouTube video is buffering and buffering but showing nothing. Wait dear. Video is loading from the internet. To check your device network state either in online or in offline animal lover needs to access network state permission.

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