ASP.NET Core 3.0 API Backend Starter Framework for Enterprise Solutions

This framework serves as API starter template that can be used for any
.net core project ranging from small-scale and personal projects to
large-scale enterprise solutions. You can easily start focusing on
developing business features on top of this pre-made template to serve the
business quickly without the need to do any extra setup for the code
infrastrucure. Moreover, this framework allows the developer to create an
entire module of APIs from A to Z with few lines of code and few minutes.

For more info or any question, please don’t hesitate to contact me
using the support tab, leave a comment or email me at
[email protected]
and I will do my best to respond ASAP.


  • Full source code is included with quick guide on how to efficiently use
    the framework for fast backend development following best practices.
    Technology includes ASP.Net Core, C#, WebAPI, Entity Framework Core
    Code-First, SQL Server.
  • Following best practices and naming conventions.
  • Clean and organized code.
  • Built using clean architecture (n-tier): API Layer, Business Layer and
    Data Access Layer.
  • Implements the most commonly used design patterns: Generic Repository
    Design Pattern for common CRUD operations and Unit of Work Design
    Pattern (UoW).
  • Implements authentication using JWT: generation and validation of
  • General Model Validation in one place.
  • General Exception Handling Middleware.
  • Integration Layer: includes a way to integrate with 3rd party APIs with
    a simple example of integration.
  • REST API integration infrastrucure.
  • Internal and external (boundary) models with auto mapper.
  • Includes some extension methods.
  • Dependency Injection of services.
  • Uses abstraction for the communication between the layers in the code.
  • Following async programming methodology: implements async await for all
  • Custom exceptions.
  • Uses Swagger for API documentation.
  • Full example of CRUD operations is included (StudentController,
    IStudentService, StudentService, IStudentRepository, StudentRepository).
  • Example of login and register using mobile phone number with PIN code


  • The code is highly usable and customizable to meet the business needs.
  • Very easy and fast to implement new APIs (new modules) for new entities
    in few mins. Thanks to the design patterns and best practices that are
  • The source code contains a full example of a module implementing CRUD
    operations with all layers starting with API controller
    (StudentController), business service (StudentService) to data access
    logic (StudentRepository) that can be used as a reference for any new
    module and APIs.
  • To develop a new module of APIs, just copy and paste the layers of the
    mentioned example and then change the names to other module’s name and
    finally enjoy with the newly implemented module in very few efforts and
    minimal code.


  • Open the solution using Visual Studio 2019.
  • Set the API project (CompanyName.ProjectName.API) as the StartUp
  • Open package manager console: Tools -> NuGet Package Manager ->
    Package Manager Console.
  • Set default project in the console to: CompanyName.ProjectName.Data.
  • Run command: Update-Database to create the database (please don’t
    forget to change the connection string in appsettings.json).
  • Run the solution. Swagger APIs documentation page will be shown.
  • Download Download 2 Download 3 DEMO