• Compress an unlimited number of images for free with the reSmush Api
  • Backup your images so you can restore them
  • Convert an unlimited number of images to WebP for free, even if your server does not support WebP conversion with our internal API
  • Original jpg/png are served to non supporting browsers such as IE/Safari
  • Automatically compress and convert future uploaded images
  • Lossless compression

Automatic WebP & Image Compression for WordPress & WooCommerce - 1Automatic WebP & Image Compression for WordPress & WooCommerce - 2


  • Improved results on Google PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom and GTmetrix.
  • Better user experience increases time spent on site and the conversion rate
  • Compressing your images and using Google WebP Next Gen format can give your website an SEO advantage over your competition
  • Save disk space on your server by compressing the images
  • Improve your overall loading speed performance

Automatic WebP & Image Compression for WordPress & WooCommerce - 3Automatic WebP & Image Compression for WordPress & WooCommerce - 4Automatic WebP & Image Compression for WordPress & WooCommerce - 5Automatic WebP & Image Compression for WordPress & WooCommerce - 6


  • How does the image compression work?

    The compression system uses the resmush.it API to compress your images based on the desired quality.
  • How do we know which image quality we must use?

    There is a built-in tool that allows you to select and compare different qualities, so you can know which quality suits you best
  • Can we restore images if anything goes wrong?

    Yes you can, but you must select the option to backup you images before you compress them. This will take up almost double the space your current images are taking, but you can delete and disable the backups once you are satisfied with the conversion results
  • Can I overcompress images if I select a different image quality and compress the same images?

    No, you will not overcompress, the reSmush API compresses the images to the lowest quality ever selected, it does not matter how many times you previously compressed the images.

    But, keep in mind if you compress them first at a lower quality, you cannot use a higher quality without first restoring the images. However, if you select a higher quality score first, you can recompress at a lower quality score without any issues.
  • Do I need special php libraries with WebP conversion support to use WebP on my site?

    No you do not! We have developed an in-house API that allows you to convert your images to WebP even if your server is not configured to do so.

    The API is free and you can convert an unlimited number of images.
  • What about browsers that do not support WebP such as IE or Safari?

    If the browser does not support WebP images, the plugin will automatically serve original jpg/png images.


First of all,thank you for purchasing our plugin. We were really appreciated it and hope you enjoy it! If you need support or have any suggestions, just email us at [email protected]


  • WordPress 3.7+
  • PHP >= 5.6.0


*Version 1.0.4
- Added Image Conversion by folder so you can manually compress any image, even those that are not in the WordPress Media Library
*Version 1.0.3
- Added WebP conversion of images to further improve page speed
- Original images are still kept and served to non supporting browsers such as old IE and Safari
*Version 1.0.2
- Added Image backup/restore before compression
*Version 1.0.1
- Increased performance and added quality test functionality to help users find the ideal compression quality before compressing/converting the images
*Version 1.0.0
- Initial version, allows image compression with reSmush Api
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