Bloxter is a game with 25 levels where you have to get out of the screen going into the shining star.

The movement is very simple, you can use the keyboard arrows or you can use the swipe on mobile devices

You have to move up, down, left or right, and if you go out of screen the level will be reloaded


When you touch the shining star you will pass the level and automatically saves your progress

You have some obstacles to pass through the levels


This block just stops Bloxter


This Corner Block will change Bloxter’s direction


And you have portals, be careful where it will lead Bloxter!

The game is easily customizable.

All the arts and the levels can be modified/added easily.

The ZIP package contains the game with 1280×720 resolution that scales to fit the screen devices. The game is fully compatible with mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Download Download 2 Download 3 DEMO