High quality app for you that doesn’t really know how to code. This game built on Buildbox 3 which implement a node base development where you don’t need to have a coding knowledge in order to make a game. You can also customize this game as you desired without writing a line of code, just simple drag and drop.
To play, tap left or right on the screen to controlthe ball position, drag down the ball to aim and release to shoot. Yourgoal is to hit the checkpoint as fas as you can. Be careful there’s many visible and invisible obstacle along the way.


If you still lost about the code, we’re happy assist you from understanding the app until launching and even doing app marketing to boos your app downloads. Just contact us on email and we can arrange 1 on 1 Skype call.


  • Build with Buildbox 3D
  • Addictive Game
  • Cross Platform
  • Fully Customizable 
  • Source code and Assets Included
Download Download 2 Download 3 DEMO