Why a contact less ordering system is a must have solution for post- lockdown recovery for your restaurant?

COVID situation has forced lockdown / social distancing globally and has an unprecedented impact on the restaurant industry. The fear factor has set in every customer’s mind and will stay longer. Post lockdown, it might be longer business recovery as patrons will take longer to return to restaurants, food delivery or take out services. Gaining patron’s confidence will be a herculean task for every restaurateur along with coping with new operational challenges – staff shortage, uncertain supplier commitments for produce, high training costs and lower sales.

How can my restaurant business have a speedy recovery? – is the question every restaurateur is asking.

Chef Digital Menu
Chef Digital Menu
Chef Digital Menu
Chef Digital Menu
Chef Digital Menu
Chef Digital Menu
Chef Digital Menu
Chef Digital Menu

Customer App Demo

Customer demo

Website Demo

Web demo

Restaurant Adminpanel Demo

Store Webdemo

Restaurant Admin Login
User or email: [email protected]
Password: 123456

Store App Demo

Store Webdemo

Store App Login
User or email: [email protected]
Password: 123456

Admin Panel Demo

Admin demo

Adminpanel Login
User or email: [email protected]
Password: 12345678

Restaurant Adminpanel (PHP Laravel) Features:

  • Login.
  • Items.
  • Category.
  • Orders.
  • Accept or Reject Orders
  • View Orders
  • Print Orders.

Admin Panel (PHP Laravel) Features:

  • Login.
  • Add ,Edit, Update Stores.
  • Enable Disable Stores.
  • Subscription Management.
  • Add News Slider.
  • Settings to change logo and site text.

Security Features

  • JWT Authentication
  • CSRF Protection
  • SQL Injection Protection
  • Secure Bcrypt Password Hashing


Chef Digital Menu ReactNative


Version Log

 Version 2.2 [12/09/2020]
  1. Admin Panel ui updated.
  2. Store Panel ui updated.
  3. Logout issue fixed.
  4. Bug Fixes.

 Version 2.1 [01/09/2020]
  1. Fixed guest app Image issue.
  2. Gust App ui chaged.
  3. Orders Status Added.
  4. Added restaurant owners panel qr-printing .
  5. Slider Size updated.
  6. Added qr-code printing screen ui.
  7. Bug Fixes.

 Version 2.0 [25/08/2020]
  1. Store app product list page issue fixed.
  2. Admin dashboard total summary added.
  3. Restaurant owners web login added.
  4. Restaurant owners web dashboard summary added.
  5. Restaurant owners web Order Management Added.
  6. Restaurant owners can accept reject orders.
  7. Restaurant owners can print orders.
  8. Guest Qr Ordering System added.
  9. Guest App Order Tracking and Cart Added.
  10.Guest app ui improved.
  11.News Slider added guest app.
  12.Index page email address show issue fixed.
  13.Guest App function changed laravel to react js.
  14.Gust Can Track previous order with mobile no.
  15.Table no and customer details saving option added.
  16.And a lot of un-tracked improvements...

 Version 1.2 [10/08/2020]
  1. currency symbol bug fixed
  2. Sliders added to digital menu
  3. disable enable restaurants
  4. Digital Menu ui updated.
 Version 1.1 [08/08/2020]
  1. Settings tab added in admin panel
  2. Slider Panel added
  3. Subscription system updated
  Version 1.0 [06/08/2020]
     First Release
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