Bluetooth Control  Home Automation  Full Package with  Full Source code


Android Studio & Arduino IDE Project  (Complete 2.0.5)





Zero crossing detector Ac220V 50/60Hz

Circuit Diagram + PCB + Gerber + .ino (Full Source Code) include your purchasing folder


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Nowadays home automation is a very popular device.

Home automation is the automatic control of electronic devices in your home. These devices are connected to the Bluetooth, which allows them to be controlled remotely. If you want to do business with home automation then you can buy our full package.

What can you do with it?

1. With this project you can control the electric device in the room through your smartphone.
2. Bluetooth technology has been used in this project.

3. You will be able to control a total of 6 different electronic devices in your home.

4. You can control the speed of the fan in your room. ( Zero Crossing Detector )
5. And this project will automatically control the speed of the fan according to the room temperature.
6. It will sense the presence of people and will also turn on the automatic lights inside the room. It uses nano technology.

What will I get if I buy this project ?

1. Android Studio Full source code (.java) For Android App.
2. Arduino IDE this project complete full source code (c/c++) for Arduino (Atmega328p/mini/pro mini board.

3. Tested circuit diagram. 

4. PCB design for single layer (.pdf) file.
5. Complete Gerber file with drill for beautiful double layer PCB.
6. Setup documentation & 1 year free support for your business. We will always support you. If you can’t setup properly then we will help you so that there is no problem.

Why buy it?

Nowadays home automation is a very popular device. Because the electric devices in the room can be controlled with smartphone. So with this updated technology you can do a big business.

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