This is an admin panel for uniswap-interface open-source code. This is the initial release where you can change the ONLY logo in wp-admin panel. We have set a starting price of 49$ (limited offer) that will increase as we add functionality.

We recommend buying the plugin now if you want:
– show the beginning of work to your community
– show the app to your team
– to start learning DeFi
– love DeFi

This plugin does not have the following functionality now:
– You can not: Enable admin fee (required new contracts deployment)
– You can not: Add/remove token list from admin panel (you should add tokenlist using this instruction)
– You can not: Enable/Disable farming etc..
– You can not: Place exchange form on /subpage (the app shows only on main page)
– You can not: Edit header/footer
– You can not: Farming, yield farming, etc.. (you should find an Ethereum solidity developer to deploy smart contracts)

Buy plugin now to fund our further development ;)

Contact me if any question:

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