It is a delivery application similar to Uber Eat, Zomato, Pedidos Ya. Revamped application, with new functions and new features ready to work. Ionic 5 Grocery / Delivery Services / Ecommerce / Multiple Vendor (Android + iOS + Website + Admin Panel) Full App Solution with PHP Laravel


•Fully Functional

•3 applications (user application, store application, application, delivery)

•3 Administrative panels (Administrator Panel, Store Panel, Delivery Panel)

•Multiple languages

•Multiple Currency

•RTL Ready

•Payment gateway (Cash on delivery, Paypal, Razorpay and Stripe)

•Unique interface

•Address of Geographical Location

•Notifications for all app ready

•Email and twilio authentication

•Order tracking 

•Nearby Shops

•Push notification with custom alert

•New store registration request

•Delivery charge per kilometer

•Own Wallet

•Discount coupons

•Print order for user

•Administrator invoice generator

•Store Reviews

•Stores Reports

•Payment Reports

THIS OFFER INCLUDES…   apk android user, Admin Control Panel, Store Owner, Delivery.

* Uploading Store Owner apk and Delivery apk

Link demos:

Apk User

Apk Owner (uploading)

Apk Delivery (uploading)  

Admin panel 

Panel Owner

Credential Panel Admin

user: admin

pass: 123456

Credential: User Apk

user: [email protected]

pass: 123456

Credential: Owner 

user: [email protected]

pass: 123456

Credential: Delivery

user: 3875000000

pass: 123456




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