One touch gameplay: move the spaceship with your finger and destroy incoming waves of galaxy invaders. Upgrade your weapons and armour to use better projectiles and become tougher. 15 various enemy spaceships with different mechanics and behaviour. Infinite number of levels – the higher the level the harder enemies appear in bigger numbers. Admob ads work for Android & iOS. Rewarded videos allow players to double coins they got during last level. Interstitial ads appear after “play” clicked if the time between showing ads was higher than chosen – by default 60 seconds. You can change that time in “EDIT” sheet in project.

Galaxy invaders space shooter - Construct 3 - Admob Ads - Android + iOS + HTML5 - 1

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Included Admob interstitial & rewarded video ads for Android & iOS. By default the project is configured to show test ads on Android or iOS phones / tablets (provided test ads IDs).
Included leaderboards for Android & iOS. Android leaderboard must be configured in Google Play developer console to work properly – there are no test IDs for leaderboards.

This is Construct 3 project (license required). You may build for Android, iOS & HTML5!

Reskinning guide:

Some of the graphics must be replaced to make the project unique for you (spaceships, planets). Those are watermarked with red circles in the project.

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