It’s new!
Remember when you played cart with your friend betting downhill?
You can now race and earn coins to buy new cars.

there is no favorable, whoever crosses the finish line first wins!

How to play:
You start with a simple car and with each race you can win a number of coins and if you spin in height you get 10 more coins!

Works on Browsers and Mobile.

☑ Done with construct2 + construct3.
☑ Working across HTML5 browsers.
☑ Playable in all browsers.
☑ BestScore.
☑ Easy to edit.
☑ Full resolution.
☑ You do not need programming knowledge to edit.
☑ Files included as (.capx, c3p, .html, .png, .m4a, .ogg).
☑ Commented code.
☑ Included documentation (index.html).
☑ 24-hour support.

Download Download 2 Download 3 DEMO