The Game provides you to see an image and guess it. It’s considered a brain challenge because you should think well to get the proper answer.

Guess the picture game is a great android template that you can use for multiple uses. For example, you can use it for guess logo, guess famous person, guess famous place or find the difference between two images.

Features of the Game:
1- easy to reskin
2- video documentation included
3- AdMob Integration ( banner, interstitial, and reward )
4- in-app purchase ( for extended license only )
5- great design withing material design
6- send notification by onesignal
7- support any language

Documentation includes:
1- how to change package name, app icon, name of the app, and color of the game
2- how to add firebase and activate send a notification through one signal
3- how to activate in-app purchase
4- how to add new levels
5- how to edit an existing level

Development tool used:
1- android studio
2- java language
3- xml

The game demo link:

Download Download 2 Download 3 DEMO