Halloween 5 in 1 Bundle – HTML5 Mobile Game

5 amazing Halloween games in one package.
Games with excellent graphics and dozens of levels.

The games were made using the Construct 3 program, including the c3p file. Use the most stable version of the program. If you want to edit the game, you will need to have a license for the program. But to edit the images, just replace them.

Are you ready?





Works on any mobile device

Game made in Construct 3

The games are completely customizable, from Skins to Branding.
All source code is included so you can easily make changes or hire us to customize the game for you.


Technical details
These games were developed in Construct 3

What do you get

  • 5 Halloween games
  •  Halloween Memory – HTML5 Mobile Game
  •  Jet Halloween – HTML5 Mobile Game
  •  Halloween Crush – HTML5 Mobile Game
  •  Halloween Candy Drop – HTML5 Mobile Game
  •  Find The Pumpkin – HTML5 Mobile Game
  • Build 3 files with commented code
  • Game to install on your device
  • Documentation – How to add it to your website


I will help you to modify whatever you want, with low cost
email: [email protected]

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Download Download 2 Download 3 DEMO