Math Fun created with HTML5 Contruct 3, there is a math calculation game with operator mode Addition, Substraction, Multiplication, Division and Mix
a combination of these four modes.

You get 3 skins, and will continue to add in the future, when this game is sold in multiples of 5, I will add 1 new skin



  • Easy Reskining
  • Simple and Addictive
  • 4 Mode math operation : Addition, Substraction, Multiplication, Division
  • Mix combination math operation
  • One Touch Control
  • Replayable Gameplay
  • Responsive
  • Including design on preview (PSD Files)
  • Including Construct 3 file .c3p with all source
  • Including HTML 5 public source file for host in your web host
  • Including .apk for demo mobile
  • Native share integration just work on browser mobile and android .apk
  • Admob integration, you can test admob feature with try demo android (.apk)
  • Save load score on local storage and clear that score data
  • Custom page loader
  • Skins will continue to add in the future
  • Including Ofline Documentation and also Online Documentation

If you want to give me a criticism and suggestions feel free to share with me, and if you like the game please support and don’t forget to rate. I really appreciate it.

if you want to contact me first you can contact me by comment menu or email me at [email protected]

Download Download 2 Download 3 DEMO