Mozzine EMS is an online examination system for schools, colleges, academies and all types of educational institutes. Now you can offer online education to your students, take a quiz tests and exams easily and effectively.

Mozzine EMS – features are growing day by day. With every release, you will get some new features & bugs fixed. Following are the core features of Exam Management System:

  • Staff Module (Teacher information, assign subjects, activity tracking)
  • Student Module (Student information, Attendance, Watch Log and Progress)
  • Classes (Sections, Curriculum, Groups)
  • Question Bank of all subjects
  • Online Quiz Test(question base timer + quiz based timer)
  • Online Exams(Create paper, student can attempt from his/her account))
  • Teacher can mark paper of all assigned subjects from his/her account)
  • Class wise discussion groups + student can send direct message to subject teacher
  • Video lessons play list management(linked with youtube)
  • Student portal
  • Teacher portal to carry out tasks on their own
  • And much more…….

Demo Account Credentials

Admin Login:
Teacher/Staff ID : [email protected]
Password: 123456

Student Login:
Student ID : student
Password: 123456

Teacher Login:
Teacher/Staff ID : teacher
Password: 123456

Version 1.0 – 2 Sep 2020

*Initial Release

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