Tough Chess AI – V 1.0
It’s a JavaScript Chess engine written in pure core JavaScript. The user interface is written in Phaser 3. A most powerful chess AI to beat.

How to play?
It is just another chess engine little hard to beat.

Core JavaScript Engine?
Yes. The Chess Engine is in core JavaScript. It thinks up to 7 levels.

Why Phaser 3?
Phaser 3 is a popular framework for games and canvas based app development. In near future it will have a major market share in gaming industry. Having templates in Phaser will help you build many similar games by reskinning it further.

What about the game framework?
The game is developed by using HTML5, JavaScript and Phaser 3 framework.

What can you expect from us?
We are there to support you through 24×7. For any kind of feature requirements, you can drop a message or a comment. We are ready to help you with in your budget. We are ready to develop multi-player games with this framework for your next big online presence.

What assets I will get?
The layered PSD, the game source, end to end help document for the developers.

Download Download 2 Download 3 DEMO