Connect all the pipe to give the robot the energy simply by touching them and connect them together to form a complete pipe. There no time limit, but with each time you touch the pipe, the water in tank will reduce. Make sure the flow is optimize to reach 3 stars every level.

Download Demo APK here


– Smooth and delicate animation

– Fun and attractive graphics

– Easy to customize and modify

– Admob and Unity Ads Implementation

– Cross-platform support Android/ IOS

– Export tt .apk and .aab

– 300+ Level Design

– 500+ Challenges Design

– Custom Level without knowledge about programming with our implement Toolkit

– Support 64-bit(IL2CPP)

Requirements Unity Version : 2018.4.9f1 or higher.


-In the Documentation you can search detail information on this this project, included how to change value and re-skin this project.

Download Download 2 Download 3 DEMO