Game Description:

Poker is famous one of the card game in the world.  Variants of Texas hold’em features with bet, fold, raise, check, allin and side pot. This is point based game and you can upload app store.

APK Demo:

  • Poker.apk
  • Start the game you are playing with bots.  If you want to play real player, please try multiple devices.


  • Node.Js & Multiplayer Backend
  • BOT (Artificial Intelligent)
  • Maximum 6 player in the room
  • Automatically create room
  • Side Pot available
  • Texas HoldEm No Limit Features
  • In App Purchase
  • Daily Rewards
  • Facebook Login
  • Guest Login
  • Android / iOS
  • Watching Table
  • Unity3D
  • Support 64 bit


You will receive code when you purchase:

  • Unity3d code
  • Node.js code (Server Backend)


Maintenance :

  • Node.js enabled server, choose any one of  AWS, Heroku, a2hosting.


Development Tools:

  • Unity3d
  • Node.JS
  • Socket.IO
Download Download 2 Download 3 DEMO