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We all have been using Netflix for our favorite shows and movies. We have been observing some of the features while using it. Similarly, there will be similar features in developing on-demand video streaming apps like Netflix.


12Free trial

There is a free trial available for us to see and have a look at how does this app works? Isn’t that the nicest feature that is highly beneficial to the people who are not at all aware of the working of the app? There will be a particular free trial period from which we can make out that how is the working of an app.



Unlimited content

There will be unlimited content for watching and other various entertainment resources after subscription. Once you pay the subscription amount there will be unlimited content for watching and there will be no restrictions for watching anything after you pay a particular subscription amount.

Management of profiles

There will be specific management of individuals’ profiles and will have to make it an account after filling up the credentials to make one. This will help in the individual management of profiles. The profile of users as well as business owners are well managed with particular records saved. You can also save or add your favorite movies or shows into the watch list and can watch it later anytime you want.


Content download

You can easily download the content for watching it offline so one does not need the internet whenever the user wants to watch the


Payment terms should be smooth so there is no doubt regarding the payment terms and other subscription formalities. In-app payment is available where you can pay from the app do not have to run several apps for the payment and just can finish up the payment by clicking it from the app itself.

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