Wala was released! The first app to exchange Google Opinion Rewards balance for cash.
The best app to convert Google Play balance into cash. For each conversion, you earn 20% of the conversion value. A real money-making machine.

Wala - Google Opinion Rewards Exchange App - 1
Wala - Google Opinion Rewards Exchange App - 2How it works?

The user converts their Google Play balance into cash through an in-app purchase. After doing so, he will receive points and will be able to exchange these points for cash in digital wallets.


  • 100% translatable
  • Offline documentation
  • Admob and Facebook Ads can be implemented
  • Payment method can be changed
  • Google Play Billing 3.0
  • Secure API
  • Simple and clean code/app
  • Material Design included

Admin Panel


November 14, 2020

- Adjust screens to portrait position
- Splash Screen changes
- Changes to the Login screen

November 11, 2020

- Admin Panel release

November 10, 2020

- Initial release
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