This is the z39.50 protocol developed by the library of congress, through this protocol you can get the information of every book, any newspaper, any publication which published internationally or through any government-approved of any country.
This software has the following functionalities:-
Import Record
1. Import record of publication from the the library of congress using z39.50 protocol
2. Complete implementation of Marc Tags
3. Import from marc21 file
4. Import from an XML file
Export Record
1.Import full record to any file like marc21,usm file, XML file,001 file
2.Import selected record to the same file mention in number 1
3. you can also import record in CSV file
1. you can print the selected record
2. you can print current record
3. you can print all record
1. You can create a blank record to fill up your own data
2. You can find and replace any marc tag details
3. you can edit delete and add your own tags and data
4. you can sort tags and data by ascending or descending order
1. you can pin your favorite details on top
2. you add 5 custom fields to save your own data about any publication
3. if you check a clear database on exit then all the data will lose after the application close
4. you can change the export format to utf8,marc8, marxml
5. you can force utf8 format also
1. you can convert your record to RDA
2. You can create a report by Classification, Copyright Date, Copyright date by decode and by summery
3. you can check the report graphically
4. you can print a report
5. you can validate the record to get any error in the tag
6. errors were placed at the end of the tags line
7. you can clear and reset the database also

Download Download 2 Download 3 DEMO